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The March C&M meeting: A view from the other coast

March 23rd, 2018 / By Rhonda Butler

Like most of you who participated in the ICD-10 Coordination and Maintenance Committee held last week at CMS headquarters in Baltimore, I watched the live webcast on YouTube. I also […]

Myocardial infarction coding: Part 2

March 14th, 2018 / By Karla VonEschen

After my previous blog “Myocardial infarction coding is good for the heart,” one of our readers had a good question: When is a myocardial infarction considered old? I wanted to […]

Myocardial infarction coding is good for the heart

February 23rd, 2018 / By Karla VonEschen

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I find reading documentation for Myocardial Infarctions (MI) and coding from Chapter 9 in the ICD-10 codebook to be stressful and sometimes anxiety […]

Ice skates to x-rays coding challenge

February 19th, 2018 / By Rebecca Caux-Harry

Let’s say there’s this not-so-young-anymore woman who was frustrated by a long bout of a winter cold/flu. Upon recovery, she is asked by some friends if she wants to go […]

What a government shutdown looks like for this cog

January 24th, 2018 / By Rhonda Butler

Note: I started this blog on Monday morning, when an agreement to end the shutdown was still being worked out. Now that government is funded, the blog looks like old […]

Change is a good thing, right?

January 19th, 2018 / By Karla Voneschen

We all know change in the healthcare field is a necessity for growth and improvement, but is change always a good thing? I’m constantly amazed at how far we’ve come […]

A final HIMagine That: Looking back…and ahead

January 15th, 2018 / By Sue Belley, RHIA, Donna Smith, RHIA

Donna: Sue, do you remember when we started our blog back in 2012? Didn’t the idea present itself at a conference we were attending? Sue: Yes, it did! We were […]

A coder’s resolution in the New Year

January 12th, 2018 / By Allison Morgan

The ball dropped, we tossed out our old calendars, and many of us made the traditional promises to ourselves in the New Year. Whether it’s trimming off those few extra […]

Webinar: Changes to the IPPS code set drive quality outcomes

With Cheryl Manchenton, RN

Cheryl Manchenton and Audrey Howard discuss 2018 ICD-10-CM coding updates and their impact on quality.

A look back at popular blogs of 2017

December 15th, 2017

Thanks for reading the Inside Angle blog in 2017! As 2018 approaches, revisit some of our most popular blogs of the year: 1. HCCs: A frequent factor in the value […]

ICD-10 holiday adventure

December 11th, 2017 / By Kelly Long

I will admit I simply love the holidays. There is nothing more spectacular than the spirit of goodwill floating through the air. So, let’s have some fun as we walk […]

Walking the tightrope: Balancing ICD-10 coding rules and data needs

December 4th, 2017 / By Rhonda Butler

Coding is fundamentally a balancing act, a delicate, high-wire dance intended to get useful data from the medical record that can be widely shared in health care. It happens at […]