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Health inequities in aging, part one

August 4, 2021 / By Melissa Clarke, MD

Everyone deserves the opportunity to live a long, healthy and rewarding life. However, we know that older adults of color disproportionally experience inequities in the health care system. Disrupt Disparities, an […]

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Three questions with Sandeep Wadhwa, MD: Social determinants of health

April 26, 2021 / By Sandeep Wadhwa, MD, MBA, Kelli Christman

I sat down with 3M Health Information Systems Global Chief Medical Officer Sandeep Wadhwa, MD, MBA, to discuss social determinants of health and why finding innovative solutions isn’t just a […]

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Why take social determinants of health into account in health care payment?

April 21, 2021 / By L. Gordon Moore, MD

Imagine I have two patients with diabetes. Person A has very mild disease and does well with a treatment plan of self-directed diet and exercise. Person B has more severe […]

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Podcast Episode Transcript: Reducing inequities in health care delivery

With L. Gordon Moore, MD

Gordon Moore: Welcome to 3M’s Inside Angle podcast. This is your host, Gordon Moore. And with me today is Dr. Robert Phillips. He directs the Center for Professionalism and Value […]

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Changing with the times: A fresh look at the definition of health care

April 2, 2021 / By Katie Christensen

I have started to hear the phrase “social determinants of health” being interspersed with the phrase “health equity.”  Although the two phrases are related, there are some fundamental differences in […]

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Pregnancy, childbirth and U.S. health care: A painful experience

March 31, 2021 / By Steve Delaronde

Childbirth is safer now than at any other time in U.S. history. Despite this, nearly 1 in 3 babies are born by Cesarean delivery, 1 in 7 are born into […]

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CMS call to action on social determinants of health

January 18, 2021 / By Katie Christensen

CMS has indicated that social determinants of health (SDOH) are not just an adjunct element to our health care ecosystem, but are increasingly driving the definition of health care itself […]

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AI Talk: Strategic Plan and fancy cart

November 6, 2020 / By V. “Juggy” Jagannathan, PhD

This week’s AI Talk… Federal Health IT Strategic Plan The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) published their latest five-year strategic plan for the 2020-2025 period. I’ve reviewed […]

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Health care, health equity and social determinants of health

November 2, 2020 / By Katie Christensen

Social determinants of health. If we didn’t know the phrase before the COVID-19 pandemic, we have probably heard it by now. It refers to underlying factors that indirectly explain 90 […]

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How are health insurance plans approaching social determinants of health?

September 25, 2020 / By L. Gordon Moore, MD

In some estimates, medical care accounts for approximately 11 percent of a person’s health and wellness; the rest is made up of individual behaviors as well as environmental factors.  When […]

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Podcast Episode Transcript: The role of health plans in addressing social determinants of health

With L. Gordon Moore, MD

Gordon Moore: Hello, this is Gordon Moore, your host of the 3M Inside Angle podcast. With me today is Michelle Jester. She is the Executive Director of Social Determinants of […]

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What are America’s Health Insurance Plans thinking about in these tumultuous times?

August 14, 2020 / By L. Gordon Moore, MD

These times of uncertainty and stress press us to rethink what we are doing and where we are headed in terms of health care. I had a chance to speak […]