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Physician payment and performance measurement: Is it fair?

How much time does it actually take for primary care physicians and specialists to deliver care, and should time be considered when determining payment? When it comes to physician performance, are we measuring what’s truly important or just analyzing quality data that’s readily available? Will new CMS rules governing E/M coding help or hinder the practice of medicine? In this episode, Dr. Gordon Moore talks with self-proclaimed healthcare contrarian Dr. Robert Berenson, a Fellow with the Urban Institute, about how to reform our current inefficient healthcare delivery system. 

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L. Gordon Moore, MD Senior Medical Director, Clinical Strategy and Value-based Care

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So many measures

How do we develop quality measures that help improve care outcomes without creating more work for physicians? Dr. Michael Barr of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) discusses the drive to create measures that are timely and relevant.

Telemedicine: Enhancing access to improve outcomes

What happens when you need health care, but the services just aren’t available in your hometown? Telemedicine pioneer Barb Johnston explains how quality suffers when people don’t have easy access to caregivers—and how telemedicine is changing lives.