Telemedicine during the pandemic: Finding the right approach

Telemedicine has been around for a long time, but many health care organizations made the first moves into telehealth with the COVID-19 public health emergency. Even before the pandemic, Washington DC-based Unity Health Care devised a telemedicine strategy that targeted underserved populations. How has the pandemic impacted Unity’s program and will its current initiative become the new norm? Drs. Angela Diop and Andrew Robie discuss the present and future of Unity’s telemedicine services and detail strategies your organization can use to bolster its telehealth efforts.

"It's a lot of hard work...we're caring for a vulnerable population, a population that's been highly impacted by coronavirus and then has a lot of chronic disease. Being able to keep them in care, making sure they're getting their medications, that's what we need to do to give them the best chance of surviving coronavirus if they get exposed."
— Dr. Angela Diop
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Podcast Episode Transcript