In search of innovation: The role of the CMIO

Dr. John “Rick” LeMoine’s job is unique among chief medical information officers (CMIOs). He has no direct reports as CMIO for Sharp HealthCare, the largest healthcare provider in San Diego County. Instead, he seeks out new ideas and breakthrough improvements that may fit into the complex environment in which he works. In this episode, Dr. LeMoine discusses what it takes to spark innovation within healthcare organizations and how a sense of curiosity can enhance the role of the CMIO.

"When you're in medicine and you're looking after patients, it's okay to "steal" ideas from other people...imitation in this regard really is the highest form of flattery. I enjoy sitting down and listening to what others are experimenting with, what's been a success, and what they have had to go back and retry or rework."
— Dr. Rick LeMoine


Podcast Episode Transcript