Good intentions and unintended consequences: A look at healthcare policy

Sometimes ideas for healthcare reform can morph into problematic policies that inadvertently drive up costs and erode quality. What happens when we instead encourage innovation at the individual health system level? In attempting to improve healthcare delivery, policy makers have tried a topdown approach to effect change. In this episode, Harold D. Miller, President and CEO of the Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform advocates for a bottom-up style of reform, focusing on reinvigorating primary care and fostering healthcare transformation at the local level.
"If you want to have a good ACO, every physician who’s in the ACO should begin by saying, “Here’s the thing that I can do differently. Here’s the way I need to be paid differently to able to achieve that,” and then join with other like-minded primary care and specialty physicians to build that ACO from the bottom up."
— Harold D. Miller


Podcast Episode Transcript