Giving small physician practices a larger voice

How can small physician practices be supported in their work? In what ways can practices grow their voice to get the attention of payers and ultimately realize the goals of value-based care? In this episode, Dr. Jen Brull discusses taking her practice in Plainville, KS on a journey of continual improvement that led her to a national role as vice president of clinical engagement for Aledade, a company that helps geographically disparate primary care practices form accountable care organizations and deliver successful value-based care.

"The power of aggregation that comes with being in an accountable care you've got a group of physicians who are working together in a similar way on the same project, who now have an interesting group of data to look at. They now have a much larger voice when it comes to talking to a commercial payer or Medicare or Medicaid."
— Jen Brull, MD


Podcast Episode Transcript