Senthil Nachimuthu, MD, PhD

Medical Informaticist, Clinical Terminology

Terminology Standards and Interoperability

Senthil Nachimuthu is a medical informaticist with the Clinical Terminology group at 3M Health Information Systems, Inc. He is a medical informaticist and a physician by training, and he leads the research and design of HDD Access and other clinical terminology products of 3M HIS. He is also an avid user and contributor to various open source projects, and has served as the Chair of the AMIA Open Source Working Group in the past. He also contributes to the development of various standards such as HL7 Common Terminology Services version 2 (CTS2) and SNOMED CT. In addition to clinical terminologies and ontologies, his research interests include in clinical decision support, epidemiology, data mining, machine learning and patient safety.