A look back at popular blogs of 2017

December 15, 2017

Thanks for reading the Inside Angle blog in 2017! As 2018 approaches, revisit some of our most popular blogs of the year:

1. HCCs: A frequent factor in the value equation by Kristine Daynes

Blogger Kristine Daynes identifies one common element in many health system value-based programs.

2. HIMagine That: The problem list is a problem by Sue Belley and Donna Smith

In this blog, Sue Belley and Donna Smith provide examples of problems with problem lists.

3. Using big data analytics to avoid left-hand turns in health care by Jeremy Zasowski

Is your hospital making too many “left-hand turns?” In his whiteboard video blog, Jeremy Zasowski offers a surprising case study that could be applied to health care.  

4. If you got it….use it! Working smarter, not harder on improving quality outcomes by Cheryl Manchenton

How can health system teams get “on the same page?” Cheryl Manchenton offers strategies for success using tools hospitals already have.

5. What’s in it for me? Accurate reimbursement! by Rebecca Caux-Harry

When it comes to ICD-10 coding accuracy, what exactly is the benefit to providers? Find out in this blog from Rebecca Caux-Harry.