HIMagine That! The 3M Client Experience Summit

May 22, 2015 / By Sue Belley, RHIA, Donna Smith, RHIA

Donna: Hi Sue! I had a great week at the 3M Client Experience last week! How about you?

Sue: Me, too! It was so nice meeting customers face-to-face and hearing about the cool and interesting things they’re doing in their organizations.

Donna: I loved brainstorming with them about resolving challenges. Did you attend any interesting presentations?

Sue: I did! I listened in on a presentation about one customer’s experience with dual coding – they started their project with inpatient coding in October, 2013.

Donna: Wow – since 2013 – that’s impressive! What has their experience been?

Sue: They implemented computer-assisted coding (CAC) and dual coding at the same time. After only nine months, their coding productivity was back to baseline with the exception of complex surgical cases and their children’s hospital.

Donna: Sounds like dual coding has helped them overcome the productivity impact before the actual transition to ICD-10.

Sue: Yes, that is a huge benefit of starting early! They also found some unexpected things.

Donna: Like what?

Sue: Well, they were surprised to find that there was a shift with their rehab DRGs so they had a conversation about this with CMS. They found it helpful to work with their top DRGs, but they also decided to review cases at random, which uncovered some interesting information for them.

Donna: They sound like a very proactive organization.

Sue: Oh, they most definitely are. For example, they have written to Coding Clinic with ICD-10 coding questions they found while dual coding and they have submitted suggestions for code improvements to CMS and NCHS. They have built an internal coding hotline of sorts with internal experts to staff so ICD-10 coding questions and answers can be handled consistently and expeditiously.

Donna: Did they mention anything about staffing?

Sue: Actually, they did. They recommended that organizations plan for coding vacancies and suggested they should ramp up with contracted staffing solutions.

Donna: I’m sorry I missed that presentation but I was probably in the middle of my talk on HCCs.

Sue: It was a great presentation, but there were so many good presentations it was really hard to decide which to attend.

Donna: I totally agree with you on that! I’m already looking forward to the Client Experience Summit next year!

Sue Belley, RHIA, and Donna Smith, RHIA, are project managers with the consulting services business of 3M Health Information Systems.

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